Campfire Cooking
Just Got Easier

The Stake Fire Grill is simply the finest tool for outdoor cooking on the market today.

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Maintenance free Solid Stainless Steel construction resists rusting and warping.

Made in Canada

since 2002

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The Stake Fire Grill

Campfire Cooking Just Got Easier

The Stake Fire Grill is simply the finest camping grill for outdoor cooking on the market today. Whether you're a camper, hunter, fisherman, hiker, or someone who enjoys cooking over an open fire, this portable camping fire grille is for you.

Keeping it simple

Completely maintenance free "The Stake Fire Grill" features Solid Stainless Steel construction that will truly resist rusting and warping.

Proudly manufactured in Canada

Camping just wouldn't be the same without at least one meal over a hot sizzling fire. Our camping grills will provide a fast and easy way to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner; it's what outdoor living is all about! Open flame cooking has always been a favorite among children and adults alike. Best of all "The Stake Fire Grill" will make it easy and enjoyable. When it comes to open fire cooking, don't trust your food to anything other than The Stake Fire Grill.

The Stake Fire Grill - The perfect gift for the camper in your life.

Cooking Grid is Welded & not fused


Designed by Outdoor Enthusiasts


North-American Stainless-Steel


Our Grills

We provide three options so you can purchase The Stake Fire Grill in a size that best suits your needs.
Oversized vinyl storage bag included.

Please allow 2 to 9 business days for delivery in Canada

Family Grill
$82.95 (plus shipping)

The perfect size to enjoy openfire cooking. Remembering that fire size should always be kept small, this portable 14"x 17" surface can entertain any family.

Grills are reversible to provide a higher edge, or used in its original position for a maximum cooking surface.

Included in this package:

  • 14" X 17" Cooking Grid
  • 30" Stake
  • Collet With Key Handle
  • Grill Gaff
  • Vinyl Storage Bag
Weight: 4 Kg.

Family Combo Grill
$109.95 (plus shipping)

The Family Combo has a large grill, complimented with a smaller version on the same stake. This small grill is great for pots, side dishes, or warming up the dishwater. However you decide, the second grill makes all the difference when feeding your hungry family.

Grills are reversible to provide a higher edge, or used in its original position for a maximum cooking surface.

Included in this package:

  • 14" X 17" Cooking Grid
  • 7" X 10" Cooking Grid
  • 30" Stake
  • 2 Collets With Key Handles
  • Grill Gaff
  • Vinyl Storage Bag
Weight: 6 Kg.

Backpacker Grill
$52.95 (plus shipping)

Designed with the same strength and versatility as the family grill, the "wings" have been removed, with a smaller stake for easier packing. This rugged little grill is all you need for cooking your favorite dish, after a long hike.

Grills are reversible to provide a higher edge, or used in its original position for a maximum cooking surface.

Included in this package:

  • 7" X 10" Cooking Grid
  • 16" Stake
  • Collet With Key Handle
  • Grill Gaff
  • Vinyl Storage Bag
Weight: 1.5 Kg.

Stake Extension
$24.95 (plus shipping)

Many camping facilities have sandy soft ground with elevated fire rings. The Stake extension provides more height and stability for all types of situations.


  • 6" stainless collet
  • 2 stainless locking keys
  • 16" 5/8 solid steel stake

For multiple items, please email us directly at for savings.

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I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the grill. It works wonderfully, easy to assemble and clean, and I love the portability. Thank you for the grill.

Shannon Thomas, Nanoose Bay, BC


Just wanted to say, I've seen a lot of grills and this is the best grill ever! I'm a survivalist, US Army S.E.R.E school graduate and disabled combat veteran OIF 03'-04' I call this " THE GRILL"

Sgt. E-5 Kelly Martinat Disabled Combat Vet, Highland. CA


Simply the best for grilling! The grill has revolutionized the way I camp. It makes it easy to boil water and cook a big juicy T-Bone all at once. Thanks again

Steph Winchester, Ontario

About Us

Levac Fabrications, is a family owned business, located in the small village of St-Andrews West, Ontario, Canada.

A grill on a post is nothing new. In fact, I purchased my first in 1989 from an outfitter shop called L&M Guns. Great little grill, but by the end of the first season the rust was becoming part of my meal. The integrity of the grill started to look, well, "warped", is the word I'm looking for. It was adjustable, but the set-screw was so close to the fire that I always needed work gloves and quick hands. Because the adjustment feature was part of the grill, the post would turn in the same direction as the grill, and eventually loosened the post to create an unstable cooking surface.

Several things became important when the kids came around; Camping, and re-designing a quality camping grill that was safe to use, and healthy to eat off of.

My metal of choice of course, was Stainless Steel - 304 to be precise. This is the most versatile, with excellent welding characteristics. The list of applications for this grade of metal includes: beer barrels, bulk milk coolers, food processing equipment, wine storage tanks, and the list goes on.......

When I contacted the Ministry of Agriculture, it was certainly their food handling metal of choice. I was good to go!

The grill needed to have a slight lip all around to prevent the hotdogs from rolling off, but a pot of stew needed to sit on a corner and still be level, to maximize the cooking space. The post needed to be as far away from the fire as safety allowed. A separate collet would be needed to prevent the grill from slipping, and the post from loosening.

I knew stainless steel had great corrosion resistance, but how would the completed grill withstand the heat of open fire. With a melting point of over 1700 degrees, I wasn't too worried, except for the warping. For an entire summer, the original Stake Fire Grill was engulfed in fire and hot coals. Repeated heating and cooling will put excessive stress on metal, but I needed to be sure. That one summer was probably equivalent to 10 seasons, under normal conditions. That particular grill still stands in the pit, and has held its structural integrity over the years.

Leave the propane at home, and start enjoying open fire cooking the way it was intended. Keep it simple with "The Stake Fire Grill".

Thank you, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Ghislain Levac (Owner - Levac Fabrications)

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Family Grill


  • plus shipping

Family Combo Grill


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Backpacker Grill


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Product is always in stock and ready to be shipped year round. Makes a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. For mail orders send a cheque or money order to:

Levac Fabrications
17107, county road 18
St-Andrews west, Ontario
Canada, K0C-2A0

E-mail us at:

All 3 packages are WARRANTEED FOR LIFE against manufacturing defects. Manufactured by certified welder fitters.

The Stake fire grill is a registered trademark of Levac Fabrications. All rights reserved.

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